Staff Welfare & HR

Indeed, Mercy Hospital, Abak, does not only take adequate care of its esteemed patients but, also takes the welfare of staff under its employ into consideration.
Having come to terms with the modern realities in the areas of training and retraining of its workforce, Mercy Hospital has over the years engaged itself in this direction.

Staff are being sent out from time to time on sponsorship to acquire the basic knowledge on the current methods of care–giving and when they return, apply same within the organization which explains why the hospital is at the moment enjoying a massive patronage from people seeking medical attention from far and near. Again, since the Labour Act of 2003 provides that it is the duty of employers to develop their human resources by way of training and retraining of the workers and whereas, the Law also allows workers to demand to be trained and retrained for the overall development of their skills, majority of the workers in Mercy Hospital enjoy the services of on-the-job-training, which avails them the opportunity to keep on rendering quality services to their teaming patients.

Why does Mercy Hospital opt to train and retrain its workforce year in, year out? The basic reasons are because, the facility knows quite well that, the quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining long term profitability of an organization as well as the fact that continuous training for employees helps them adjust to the current widely acceptable best practices in the area of healthcare and rapidly changing job requirements and helps them reach their potentials.

Let it be said also that, the Management of Mercy Hospital understands that training gives any employee that ample opportunity to quickly identify and overcome possible gaps within his work schedules and appreciate any periodic changes that will sharpen his competence.

The ambience of cordiality existing when it comes to Management/Staff relationship in Mercy Hospital, is one of the best around. A health or patient visitor, who happens to be at Mercy Hospital for the first time, would readily behold the two units converging at a particular place together and handing over the activities of everyday to God in prayer.

This is a recurrent exercise that is carried out consistently on daily basis and this is encored by the Hospital Chaplain on Mondays and Fridays with any appointed member of staff taking his or her turn between Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the Hospital Administrator leading other management staff in attendance. This explains the Spiritual aspect of the staff welfare in Mercy Hospital.

In an event that any member of staff happens to be the producer of any function, the management is always on hand to lend any assistance to such a person from the planning stage to the execution. If the hospital loses any staff member on active duty, the management would partner the deceased family to plan and execute befitting rights of passage, accompanied by the necessaries associated with the burial of persons of such a community. This concerns the Social Welfare Scheme for the staff of Mercy Hospital.

The management of Mercy Hospital has taken time to work out a robust Financial Welfare for its workforce. There is a Compulsory Servings Scheme (CSS) put for the staff, whereby each member of staff is made to retain a certain percentage of each month’s salary with the Accounts Department and same calculated and paid to any worker that leaves the services of the organization together with other benefits.
The monthly salaries of staff are promptly paid as and when due. Holistically, this sums up the staff Welfare Scheme of Mercy Hospital.

Admin. Very Rev. Fr. Canice Ekpo interacts with a patient

Staff on the job

Clocking in