Hospital History

Today a brand new page has been inaugurated by Mercy Hospital into her glorious annals as we launch a website that we can inform and present this unique hospital in the South South of Nigeria to the entire world.

Mercy hospital Abak in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria with a humble beginning as a refugee camp was formally opened by late Cardinal Dominic Ekanem in 1971 bearing in mind a healing and caring God who takes care of his children medication, and prayers as he immediately attached a chapel to the hospital. The good people of the Catholic Diocese of Ikot Ekpene and the God fearing people of Akwa Ibom State and its surroundings are grateful to God for the gift of a foresighted Bishop. This hospital has served so many lives and has given enough bread to so many families. We remain ever grateful. May he, the pioneer bishop’s soul rest in perfect peace, and may he continue to assist us in our difficulties and moments of crisis.

Still during his tenure he brought in the eye clinic. Quite a good number of people have benefited from the services rendered by the clinic. We move to appreciate the spirit of continuity of his successor, Most Rev. Camillus Archibong Etokudoh, now, Bishop of Port Harcourt. He sustained the services and brought in more expert hands to handle the two sections of the hospital. He handed over in 2009 to the Diocesan ADMINISTRATOR Msgr. Sylvanus Udo Etok. This was also a period of continuity and love given to the people of South South. In 2010 with the coming of Most Rev. Camillus Raymond Umoh the hospital was still in existence, but it had gone through series of crisis and decay. The new Bishop with the same spirit of continuity, inaugurated a new management board and made new moves with strategies to fight the crisis and decay.

Before we close on this paragraph of continuity, we need to thank the landlords who have continued to respect the generous hearts of their fathers in the donation of the land.

The hospital is also accommodating medical officers during their one year housemanship training. These has added more honour to the hospital and to Abak as a community. We want to fight and promote with merits Mercy Hospital as a centre in the nearest future for opthamologist training centre for West Africa.
In pursuance of excellence, with our meager income, we have eastablished a standard laboratory/x-Ray machines, sophisticated machines in the eye clinic for refraction, scaning machines, ECG etc. We are still growing.

The hospital is really enjoying her past glories. We are still desiring to move with the modern society. The government of Akwa Ibom State for many years supported the hospital with some doctors and nurses paid by her.

Recently, in July 2014 all the nurses and doctors were withdrawn thereby making life miserable. God cannot abandon us as we are treating the sick people for Him.
We would not hesitate to request for assistance from the State, and from our sister States in Nigeria and also from the outside world.

These could be in equipment, funds, and medical personnel in different areas.

On behalf of the management and staff of Mercy Hospital, Abak, we thank you all for your assistance and encouragement.

Very Reverend Father Canice Ekpo