Health Sector Impact

Our contribution to the Health Sector of the then Cross River State and now Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria at large dates back almost forty-three years ago when it became clear that the acceleration of the Federal budget and national health cost after the passage of Medical care was not just temporary. The first comprehensive proposals for health cost stratifies were made during the early 1970s, on the advice of health policy experts, that the health care system was in crises and presented sweeping proposals for health care services. It was at this point in history that the then Cardinal Dominic Ekandem of blessed memory came up with a proposal to contribute his quota towards the development of our health sector. With this bold step, history reveals that the national health insurance plan featured and since its inception over a million people have benefited immensely from this scheme. It is our desire that more health insurance plans shall meet the millennium goal.

Mercy Hospital, Abak, has contributed to the development of health policies and human development plan. Our hospital has gone to extraordinary length to reduce health costs through our health policy scheme which is quite moderate. Our investigations exposed that our charges are less than other private owned hospitals in Akwa Ibom State in particular and Nigeria in general. On the area of human development, the hospital contributes to the development of personal skills, knowledge and the entire human person. Millions of people too have benefited from the above mentioned plan which has affected the life of the hospital positively.

Accountant Interacts with patients